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Dog Breed Gifts, such as Coin Purses, Pillows, and Doggie Christmas Stockings!

 The Ultimate Shopping Mall for Dog Owners.

 Select a Needlepoint Dog Breed Handbag or Other Gift Item From OVER FIFTY BREEDS!!

Kissed By Dogs: Dog Gifts and Merchandise for Dogs and Dog Lovers


    Needlepoint Dog Breed Handbags 

Proudly display your love of dogs by

carrying one of these deluxe needlepoint

handbags... each adorned with an image

of your favorite canine breed.  These

intricately designed bags can be used

for every occasion, and for both day

and evening wear.  Colorful, elegant,

and unique, these hand bags are a 

must" for every true dog-lover!

Unique Dog Breed Needlebag Handbags Can Double as Shoulder Bag or Clutch!


Dog Handbags

Soft 100% wool needlepoint handbags.  With matching cords, the bags can double as a shoulder bag or clutch.

Zip closes.  Exquisitely detailed and adorned with your

favorite dogs.  6" X 8"


 Choose Your Favorite Breed.

$29.95 each


Note to Our Customers:

Most of the dog breed handbags listed below have

either been discontinued or on backorder.  If a particular

dog handbag which interests you is no longer available, we

suggest you check out some similar items in our store:

Dog Breed Shoulder Bags

Dog Breed Cosmetic Cases

Dog Tiny Purses and Coin Purses



Needlepoint Yellow Labrador Retriever Handbag

Needlepoint Schnauzer Handbag

Labrador, Yellow





Basset Hound Needlepoint Handbag

Bichon Frise Needlepoint Handbag

Boston Terrier Needlepoint Handbag

Basset Houndpad

Bichon Frise

Boston Terrier

Out of Stock

Out of Stock

Out of Stock



English Bulldog Needlepoint Handbag

Welsh Corgi Needlepoint Handbag

Dachshund Needlepoint Handbag


Corgi (Welsh)


Out of Stock

Out of Stock

Out of Stock



Golden Retriever Needlepoint Handbag

Black Labrador Retriever Needlepoint Handbag

Poodle Needlepoint Handbag

Golden Retriever

Labrador (Black)


Out of Stock

Out of Stock

Out of Stock



Pug Needlepoint Handbag

Scottish Terrier Needlepoint Handbag

Shih Tzu Needlepoint Handbag


Scottish Terrier

Shih Tzu

Out of Stock

Out of Stock

Out of Stock



West Highland White Terrier (Westie) Needlepoint Handbag

Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) Needlepoint Handbag (2)

Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) Needlepoint Handbag (2)


Yorkshire Terrier 1

Yorkshire Terrier 2

Out of Stock

Out of Stock

Out of Stock


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